Noor immerses himself in the gastronomy and culture of its seasons to live in them each of the centuries of existence of Al-Ándalus. The diner can enjoy the evolution of the Andalusian legacy, century by century, in this new and only interpretation, recognizable today in Andalusian cuisine.

Noor Year 0, Caliphate of Cordoba (X century)

Season immersed in the Andalusian cuisine of the 10th century, a stage of political, cultural and commercial splendor fostered by the Caliphate of Cordoba.Noor started its own particular universe through three tasting menus:Qurtuba, Madinat Al-Zahra and Al-Ándalus.

Noor Year 1, Taifa Kingdoms (11th century)

Noor continues to advance in time. In this year 1 recovers the lost flavors of the three Taifa Kingdoms, and their cultures, which persisted longest after the dissolution of the Caliphate of Cordoba in 1031. They are the ones that give name to the three alternatives of Year One menus: Eslava, Bereber and Andalusí.

Noor Year 2, Almoravids and Almohads (XII and XIII centuries)

In this fascinating season Noor collects the heritage of the Almoravids and Almohads Empires that were installed in the Muslim territories of Africa and the peninsula in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries.

Noor Year 3, Nazari Kingdom (XIV century)

Noor retains its line of not integrating ingredients from the New American World into its 14th-century cuisine that, still without potato, tomato, corn or cocoa..., gives a leap of death so that its gastronomic proposal continue as unmatched and round as in the Year 1.

Noor Year 4, Retrospective (X - XIV Centuries)

This season is the result of the selection of the dishes that best represent the 4 preceding seasons. In this way the client can make the trip from the beginning.

Noor Year 5*, New Andalusian World (15th-16th Century)

Paco Morales at Noor has already masterfully guided his customers through the fantasy cuisine of al-Andalus. This season he offers a journey through the cuisine of the Spaniards who travelled in the first centuries to the unknown American world, in which Noor demonstrates the very recognisable connections with Andalusian cuisine.