In 2016 the Cordoban chef Paco Morales illuminates Noor with the return to his native city Cordoba, to his origins, to light an unique and personal proposal of contemporary “Andalusi” cuisine. The culinary legacy of Al-Andalus recovered in contemporary key.

Noor's culinary proposal is inspired by the history and thinking of the cultures of the new inhabitants, whose capital landmark was the Caliphate of Abderramn III, which converts Cordoba into the most cultured and advanced city of its epoch.

This fresh proposal, which is based on the Andalusian culture, which is vigorous and has its own language, gives Noor special uniqueness, thanks to a unique work in his genre.

The research work with documentarians, historians, archaeologists and designers have shaped the universe of Noor, embodied in the story that tell the creations of the chef.