Noor is the personal project which Paco Morales launched on returning to his native city of Cordoba. However, he did not forget the respect he holds for his roots or all that he has learnt over his magnificent professional career.

At Noor, it’s not just about experiencing Paco’s daily Al-Andalus cuisine. It is a cultural project which is part of the restaurant and, in addition, is a creative R&D space, in which he strives to recover the splendour of the cuisine and service of a remarkable Al-Andalus culture, always from an innovative, dynamic and modern perspective.

It can be said that, in a certain way, Noor Restaurant once again uncovers the story hidden away in that magnificent cuisine, allowing our diners to enjoy it through our gastronomic creations. Noor has started this project with the 10th century. Each new season unveils the evolution, century by century, of the culinary art of Al-Andalus, which has a great influence on our famous Andalusian cuisine today.