Noor Experience

“Generosity is to give before we are asked”

Arabic proverb

The process is as follows:

First, you must choose which of the three tasting menus we offer at NOOR Restaurant you want to give as a present. These are:

– BENIMERIN MENU (10 dishes): €95 / diner {VAT included}
– MUDEJAR MENU(15 dishes): €125 / diner {VAT included}
– ALMOGAVAR MENU (22 dishes): €170 / diner {VAT included}

Drinks are not included. However, we suggest you combine the menu with drinks. In which case, by paying a supplement (€45 per diner with the Bereber Menu, €65 / diner with the Tuareg menu and €85 / diner with the Almorávide menu, all prices include VAT), our sommelier will combine each dish with the most suitable drink, making the experience even more satisfying and complete.

€5 per guest was added for water, coffee and infusions.

Complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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