Noor Experience

“Generosity is to give before we are asked”

Arabic proverb

The process is as follows:

First, you must choose which of the three tasting menus we offer at NOOR Restaurant you want to give as a present. These are:

– BEREBER MENU (10 dishes): €85 / diner {VAT included}
– TUAREG MENU(15 dishes): €110 / diner {VAT included}
– ALMORÁVIDE MENU (22 dishes): €150 / diner {VAT included}

Drinks are not included. However, we suggest you combine the menu with drinks. In which case, by paying a supplement (€40 per diner with the Bereber Menu, €60 / diner with the Tuareg menu and €80 / diner with the Almorávide menu, all prices include VAT), our sommelier will combine each dish with the most suitable drink, making the experience even more satisfying and complete.

Complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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